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Games: So, I Started a West-Marches Campaign

So, I started a West-Marches campaign. I call it Terranova. I have to say, so far it’s been quite a bit more work than I anticipated – you know, creating the “treasure map,” some setting background, a private message board … Continue reading

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Games: Weird Find – Simian Conquest by ASP

This RPG review is based on a topic I posted on some time ago. My thanks to everyone over at Dragonsfoot for their input.  A while back I was in Panama City Beach, FL on a family vacation and … Continue reading

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Games: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

This is my first RPG-related review. So, before I do this, a bit about myself: I’ve been running role playing games since 1982, starting with Holmes’ Basic Dungeons & Dragons and then the Moldvay/Cook editions before “graduating” to Advanced D&D in 1984. … Continue reading

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Games: OD&D from Scratch Part 1: Men and Magic

Preface: This series is a detailed thought experiment concerning one of the earliest versions of my favourite all-time game: Dungeons & Dragons. It poses the question: Just how difficult was D&D to grasp to a young person with no prior … Continue reading

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Welcome to mooksoul. This is my online culture journal – a place where I come to write about things that resonate with me*. It is one part GeekDad, two parts HM Dossier, with a whole lot of Grognardia thrown in. In a word … Continue reading

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