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Born many years ago, Dean Marino is a bandleader, songwriter, record producer, guitarist, writer and sometime visual artist. He is the former co-owner of Chemical Sound Recording Studio and Echo Valley Recording Studio and fronts the band Papermaps. Dean is always busy.

Games: So, I Started a West-Marches Campaign

So, I started a West-Marches campaign. I call it Terranova. I have to say, so far it’s been quite a bit more work than I anticipated – you know, creating the “treasure map,” some setting background, a private message board … Continue reading

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Music: Loaded, The Velvet Underground

One of the earliest seminal records I claimed ownership of was The Velvet Underground’s, Loaded (1970, Cotillion/Atlantic). I say “claimed ownership of” because my memory of actually purchasing the album is a bit hazy. It might have been a downtown … Continue reading

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Fiction: Dale

Now and then I’ll be publishing my own attempts at fiction. These works will be changed and edited from time to time, as I see fit. Works evolve. If a piece of work suddenly disappears it’s because it a) either … Continue reading

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Games: Weird Find – Simian Conquest by ASP

This RPG review is based on a topic I posted on some time ago. My thanks to everyone over at Dragonsfoot for their input.  A while back I was in Panama City Beach, FL on a family vacation and … Continue reading

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Music-Comic(x): The Mysterious Mr. Stathis

When I was a child, around 11 years old, the magazine known as Heavy Metal (HM, henceforth) was a cultural force. Some of you might remember the animated film  (rumoured, among my schoolyard buddies, to feature cartoon fellatio). Critics say the film … Continue reading

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Psychogeography: A Walk Through Shifty Town

Sometimes I like to take a walk through Shifty Town. Shifty Town is my name for the strip I used to haunt the most in my youth when visiting the city – namely, the Yonge Street Strip, from Queen to … Continue reading

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Games: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

This is my first RPG-related review. So, before I do this, a bit about myself: I’ve been running role playing games since 1982, starting with Holmes’ Basic Dungeons & Dragons and then the Moldvay/Cook editions before “graduating” to Advanced D&D in 1984. … Continue reading

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