Welcome to mooksoul. This is my online culture journal – a place where I come to write about things that resonate with me*. It is one part GeekDad, two parts HM Dossier, with a whole lot of Grognardia thrown in. In a word – geeky. I’m here to practice the art of stringing words together in a cohesive and meaningful way. That’s it. I’m going to write a lot about D&D, books, film, comix and other stuff**. This blog is not about my band (for that there’s papermaps.net) although I might post geeky music or gear related stuff here from time to time. If you frequent this place, you will quickly discover that I geek out about a lot of things. Even worse, I am opinionated about it!


* A bookish, left-handed, crazy-haired, Generation X, guitar playing, songwriting, child-rearing, artist-type.

** I’m writing mostly about stuff from my childhood (i.e. nostalgia trips) and new cultural phenomena that resonates. I also attempt the occasional work of fiction.


About centralmeaner

Born many years ago, Dean Marino is a bandleader, songwriter, record producer, guitarist, writer and sometime visual artist. He is the former co-owner of Chemical Sound Recording Studio and Echo Valley Recording Studio and fronts the band Papermaps. Dean is always busy.
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